Why MedicareAdvantage?

Original Medicare consists of:

Medicare Part A helps cover:

  • Inpatient care in hospitals
  • Skilled nursing facility, hospice and home health care services

Medicare Part B helps cover:

  • Doctor services and outpatient care
  • Some preventive services

Medicare Part B helps pay for about 80 percent of the medical costs that Medicare covers.

Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans add drug coverage to Original Medicare and other plans. If you have Original Medicare alone and want Medicare drug coverage, you must join one of these plans. Some Medicare Advantage Plans include Part D coverage.

Medicare Supplement Insurance adds to Original Medicare coverage.

These plans do exactly what their name says: they supplement Original Medicare — or in other words, make the coverage provided by Original Medicare more complete. The extra benefits of Medicare Supplements make these plans less affordable than Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) are a great combination of benefits and low costs.

Medicare Parts A and B offer the most basic Medicare coverage available. To get more complete coverage, you have a number of options, including Medicare Advantage Plans, which offer more benefits than Original Medicare, usually for the same cost.

We provide affordable healthcare options that meet our clients' "needs & desires".

Being healthy has its rewards.

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