- Financial -

For all of you out there wondering just how and where to invest your hard earned money. . . I have found an absolute treasure. I met Larry DelBucchia at my office one day, and we immediately hit it off. I don't usually do that with people (I've become very skeptical in my older years), but I took an immediate liking to Larry. I introduced him to my parents, because they were looking for someone with whom to trust, to invest their money. Larry is so thorough in looking at every possible way to make sure your investment will be as sound as possible. He has taken us to other people, to be able to see what they have to offer, such as money markets, cd's etc., so that we will be absolutely confidant in what we choose to invest in. He has done nothing but earn money on my parents' behalf. I am now at a point where I am going to be able to invest a little extra money too, and guess who I'm trusting to do that for me: Larry DelBucchia.


Diane Orvino

- Medicare -

Are you confused as to what insurance you should go with when you retire. I know I sure was, that is until I had Larry DelBucchia show me the different plans that would be the best one for me. Now I can go to the doctor knowing that I have proper coverage for all my needs. I have a very good prescription plan, in fact I was paying a fortune for meds when I was working and had so called full benefits! For example, I was paying $200-600 for each of my prescriptions! It is so nice, knowing that I'm only going to pay $5-25 for each now. Every year, Larry goes to classes and takes all of the exams so that he can be totally informed. Trust me, that is sure a lot of pressure on people who don't know the first thing on what to do. In fact I have known Larry to go above and beyond on getting help for his customers.


Diane Orvino

- Medicare & Group Insurance -

Larry, thanks for all your help and hard work to straighten out my mom and step dad's insurance. They had a big mess and it took a lot of time and knowledge on your part to fix the problems they got into with the bad advice they got in the past.

Thanks also for your advice, knowledge and help with my wife and my insurance as we phased into Medicare coverage and all the difficulties with the new "Affordable health care" which is a nightmare and not affordable.

Also I appreciate your help and knowledge with the complexities of the employee insurance for my business. You saveed me a ton of money compared to the insurance company we had for years. I only wish we could have met you years ago!

I look forward to many years of working together.

Dr. Eugene Otto

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